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Cosmetic and Restoration Dentistry

Accidents and time sometimes leave your smile looking less than you desire. When life happens, let us restore your smile with natural looking restorations or fix that less than perfect smile to one that you will feel confident and attractive.
Dental Implant Service in Sunnyvale
Dr. Indah’s expertise in tooth restoration and color matching is unsurpassed.When it comes to the restoration of the teeth’s natural beauty and color, she pays special attention and understands the importance of a natural and beautiful smile.
Cosmetic and Restoration Dentistry Sunnyvale


Dental Implant Recovery in Sunnyvale

Our office offers the most advanced technology of implant services to make your smile not only esthetically beautiful, but to give you the self-confidence of security every time you take a bite .Through our use of digital technology & quality delivery service, we can give you a smile to be proud of.(To learn more about Implant Services, click here)